Feeling and expressing daily gratitude is the antidote to feelings of sadness and depression. 

If you model gratitude, your children will internalize this attitude and it will become their state of mind. 

Focusing on what is good in one’s life, rather than on what isn’t working so well produces optimism — and optimism produces resiliency. 

Life has so many challenges, constant ups and downs, disappointments and heartaches. These events and emotions are inevitable and out of one’s control. What then can a parent do?

We can and must feel all our feelings – happy, sad, angry, hateful, resentful – you name it. But then we must counter them by making a point to recognize what is good and wholesome in one’s life. What are we grateful for – our health and that of our children, meaningful work, loving relationships. 

It’s all a matter of balance.

Deborah and the Well Baby Center Family

Deborah Groening Rother is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), and Certified Infant-Parent Mental Health Specialist. She is also the founder of Well Baby Center.