I remember when I first met Bonnie in 2003 when we were both exhausted, hard-working interns at The Maple Counseling Center.  Bonnie started working at WBC in 2009 and in addition to seeing clients she took on designing our technical and adminBonnie Headshotistrative procedures. I had no idea what a gift she would be. She was amazing at problem solving technical issues and really embraced the spirit of the place — in fact I used to call her Mama Bonnie because she never forgot to get gifts and treats for everyone’s birthdays, always kept the place neat and tidy, and presented a warmth that everyone felt whenever she was around. She also became a gifted clinician. 

While working at WBC full time, she got licensed, became a certified EMDR therapist and created, improved, and fixed all kinds of systems that helped make the center function. During these busy years she also kept her small private practice going which, in recent years, (and in her words) “has exploded” leading to her desire to spend all her professional time doing EMDR, which is really her first love.

Bonnie became more than my co-worker, she became my good friend — and like all good friends, we have had our share of differences, but we have never forgotten our common roots and our mutual passion to see WBC’s mission realized.  I will always treasure our friendship and the years we spent launching WBC. We had a blast.

 Bonnie — Again, I can never thank you enough for all your innovative thinking, loving spirit, and graceful beauty. We will all miss you, but I will miss you the most. 



Deborah and the Well Baby Center Family

Deborah Groening Rother is a Licensed Marriage and FamilyTherapist,  Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), and Certified Infant-Parent Mental Health Specialist. She is also the Clinic Director of Well Baby Center.