With so much emphasis placed on mothers’ experience during pregnancy and the postpartum period, dads often feel overlooked. They can often feel displaced when the baby arrives, not knowing where they fit in to the new mother/baby couple or what their role should be. There are many issues that arise in fatherhood but a real lack of resources when it comes to supporting dads.

At Well Baby Center, we offer a New Fathers Support Group and Parenting Class where fathers discuss experiencing displacement and what it is like to feel as though they are losing their partner as a confidante, best friend, and lover for an extended period of time. Mothers often experience postpartum depression, or at the very least are preoccupied with baby, which has a direct impact on dads. Understandably, they do not want to add to their partner’s burden; however, not having the space to express their feelings or communicate effectively with their partner can result in a feeling of alienation.

The New Fathers Support Group and Parenting Class helps fathers communicate more effectively with their partners, and also provides a space to share experiences and build camaraderie. Fathers will find their feelings are normal and that they are not alone. They also have the opportunity to look at how they were fathered and explore what kind of father they want to be. The group also touches on basic child development topics and provides some education around what to expect from and how to communicate with your child.

Well Baby Center is offering a FREE TRIAL of our New Fathers Support Group and Parenting Class on Wednesday, February 17th, 6:30 – 8 pm

To register or more information about the New Fathers Support Group and Parenting Class, click on the link.

New Fathers Support Group and Parenting Class takes place on Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8 pm.

annabellesmallAnnabelle Safinia is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working with families and parents at Well Baby Center. She is also the Group and Counseling Coordinator and Mindful Parenting Group facilitator/trainer.

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