a preventative model of care for families

As a primary prevention model of care, we begin by asking two questions:
1. What are the conditions that help families and communities thrive?
2. How might Well Baby Center help to meet these conditions?

Using a prevention model, there are two key factors that prevent family dysfunction and help families thrive:
Adequate community support and adequate emotional support provided by culturally sensitive, de-stigmatizing mental health professionals.

Through our services, we help families receive these two protective factors. Whether you are juggling the enormous responsibilities of being new parents or simply struggling to get by in your life, we are here for you.


Well Baby Center is currently accepting new clients as we continue to provide high quality, low fee counseling and group services, regardless of ability to pay or documented status. Full or partial scholarships may be available to those who qualify.

As we strive to navigate these unprecedented times, Well Baby Center will continue to provide services virtually.  However, starting in Spring 2021, some services will be provided in person in our private, spacious, and regularly sanitized playground area.

Counseling is available in both English and Spanish.

Although we have changed how our services are being delivered, our commitment to our community’s wellness is stronger than ever.

Free 15-minute phone consultations available!
Call 310-402-2229 or email services@wellbabycenter.org


Our Mission

Well Baby Center believes that every family deserves a place to feel supported — especially in the beginning. By strengthening family connections, healing the past, and providing social support, we help families and communities thrive.

All (now online) clinical services are available on a sliding scale based on your income. We also provide full or partial scholarships to those who qualify.

Welcome to Well Baby Center.

our approach

We believe that when parents mindfully reflect on their interactions with their children, three things occur: they don’t burden them with their own unresolved childhood issues; they help them reach their full developmental potential; and they help them build satisfying, lifelong relationships with others.

Our specially-trained family counselors guide parents through the process of self-healing and self-discovery so they can be fully present as their child grows. We strive to achieve maximum impact by intervening as early as possible.

In addition, we provide specialized infant-parent and maternal mental health training to professionals who, through their own clinical practice, will reach many families beyond those served at Well Baby Center.

our services

Free Consultation

We offer free phone consultations to all our new clients in order for you to ask questions, get to know your counselor, and make the decision to move forward. We will also determine your fee based on your ability to pay for services. Full scholarships and sliding scale fees are available – no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Counseling – Free or Low Fee

Well Baby Center provides high quality, affordable online counseling services for adults, couples, children, families, and new and expecting parents. Services offered in both English and Spanish.

Parent Coaching

Our counselors, who are also parent educators and child development specialists, are also available to address specific developmental questions during parent coaching sessions.


Our parent-child groups promote sensitivity, flexibility, and mindful communication between parents and children to enhance the attachment relationship.


Our parenting classes teach parents how to set limits effectively by using empathy, love, and understanding to encourage cooperation and to strengthen the parent-child bond.

Services in Spanish

Effective Parenting (STEP) classes, counseling, and parent coaching are offered in both Spanish and English.

Mon-Thurs 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Fri-Sat 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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