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Well Baby’s philosophy is rooted in the emerging field of infant-family mental health and wellness

Healthy early relationships are the cornerstones of an infant’s emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development. All children - but especially Infants and toddlers --rely solely on the quality of their parent's or caregiver's attentions to make good sense of their world. Children are also a powerful impetus for parents to turn their attention to their own growth and development as individuals who will be literally forming the architecture of their infant's brain and content of their mind.

Social support for new parents has been found to be the single most important protective factor available to prevent or eradicate entrenched, sometimes multi-generational, family and individual emotional problems. Social support mitigates feelings of "overwhelm" often felt by new parents -- parents who are constantly giving to their children, and sometimes to  their bosses, spouses, and friends as well -- frequently ending up feeling completely depleted and overwhelmed. Parents are often stimulated by old childhood memories and unmet needs once they have children of their own. Our parenting and counseling center can provide what parents seem to need most – a like-minded community where they can truly belong and a place to go to ask questions and get support.


The mother-infant relationship is the template for all future relationships a child will encounter.
This relationship, (whether with their mother or another intimate caregiver), is co-created -- where the child influences the relationship as much as the mother. Research has shown that when there is a good relationship fit, a parent can help their child co-regulate difficult emotional states toward an end of internalized self-control mechanisms within the child. This capacity enables optimal social,emotional and cognitive growth -- assuring that the child will have future success in school and in their social relationships. Sometimes this relationship struggles to find its rhythm -- either because there isn't enough commonality between the parent's and child's temperament, because of too many stressors pressing on the family as a system, or because there are left over emotional and/or physical vulnerabilities or baggage within the mother herself.  Finding professional support as well as a way to get continuous support from other parents in the early years of a child's and parent's life together  can prevent long-term problems from developing in any member of the family system.


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