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a non-profit parenting and counseling center


Well Baby Center’s mission is to strengthen parent-child relationships by promoting reflective and mindful interactions between parent and child.

All clinical services are available on a sliding scale, based on your income, and we offer free initial consultations and free introductions to our groups.

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We believe that when parents mindfully reflect on their interactions with their children, three things occur: they don’t burden them with their own unresolved childhood issues; they help them reach their full developmental potential; and they help them build satisfying, lifelong relationships with others.

Our specially-trained family counselors guide parents through the process of self-healing and self-discovery so they can be fully present as their child grows. We strive to achieve maximum impact by intervening as early as possible.

In addition, we provide specialized infant-parent and maternal mental health training to professionals who, through their own clinical practice, will reach many families beyond those served at Well Baby Center.

Free Consultation
We provide a free initial consultation with one of our specially trained counselors. We’ll listen to your needs and help identify the best services to support you.
Well Baby Center provides high quality, affordable counseling services for adults, couples, children, and families.

Parent Coaching

Our counselors, who are also parent educators and child development specialists, are always available to answer specific developmental questions during a parent coaching session.

Our parent-child groups promote sensitivity, flexibility, and mindful communication between parent and child to enhance the attachment relationship.
Our parenting classes teach parents how to set limits effectively by using empathy, love, and understanding to encourage cooperation and to strengthen the parent-child bond.

Thursday Funday

We provide a comfortable space for parents and their babies and toddlers to meet one another and enjoy Well Baby Center’s beautiful facility together.


Client Feedback

"Well Baby Center is a wonderful resource for new parents on the Westside. It provides a welcoming and reassuring environment with genuinely caring and knowledgeable staff.”

Ellen and baby Ava

"I always feel supported and never judged. Well Baby Center is refreshing, supportive, informative, and helpful."

Charise and baby Ethan

"In Mindful Parenting Group, both my husband and I learned to be proactive in our discipline. As new parents, it's so easy to rely on the parenting skills you were raised with. We unlearned some parenting habits that we did not want to continue."

Eve, Peter, and baby Sophia


Monday - Friday 9 am - 8 pm

Saturday 9 am - 4 pm

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